Our Story

So what do you do? My standard answer was “all things environmental”.

For years, I introduced farmers to the radical idea of shifting from chemically based agriculture to using composting and microbial inputs to remedy the rapidly advancing loss of soil health.

Our immune response is mostly regulated by trillions of micro-organisms in the gut and it didn’t take much to see how our health is so intimately linked to the health of micro-organisms in the soil.

Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet was my mantra.

“You dare to walk where angels fear to tread”’ I was warned and yes, it proved to be a major challenge to awaken and maintain a serious commitment to change in the farming community.

Over the years, I heard story after story of farmers who experienced serious health challenges, mostly related to their immune system no longer coping with the overload of exposure to the very chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides I hoped to get out of their sheds.

I sure could commiserate. Both, my wife and I had experienced serious auto-immune conditions and had spent years studying the changes necessary to support the body to self- heal.

The overall consensus seemed to be, that dietary changes were of paramount importance.

We already had a great diet, we thought. Over the years we had introduced more and more organically grown foods, had radically reduced our meat consumption and exchanged dairy for coconut products but our all-time favourite, our beloved wheat bread, was now under serious threat too!

Gluten! All the research showed clearly that this protein is not only useless but also toxic for our body. The amount of gluten in our modern diet had increased substantially after hybridising ancient grains for cheaper mass production. It is now understood to be a major contributor to serious gut inflammation. Even in a healthy person, for three hours after consuming gluten, the gut walls become permeable for undigested gut contents to flow into the blood stream and cause inflammatory responses throughout the body.

The final push came, when one of our offspring began to show signs of gluten sensitivity.

‘I don’t do deprivation, but I am happy to do substitution” I said and began my journey of developing the perfect gluten free bread. I had already been baking for years and I stood to lose a very polished reputation for producing irresistibly yummy home baked breads.

Ego can work wonders ? and yes, necessity is the mother of invention,

What a relief and what a revelation! GF does not have to be dry and pale to the senses.

My new freshly baked bread wafts irresistible temptation through the house and the gold brown crust and the spongy to firm texture soon lets you know you’ve got your teeth into something substantial.

Many of our European guests loved what they saw as a classic German Old Style Farmer’s Bread. “What’s the recipe? Can we buy it from you? My kids are Gluten- sensitive, my husband is celiac …” Oh, there were so many stories.

Off course this prompted me to experiment further until I had reliable results and was able to produce a basic mixture that then could be diversified into many flavours, something new, different, to keep the taste-buds happy.

I thought, one day I will make this available to everyone. One day, maybe when I retire, I will commercialise it.

Well, I am not retiring. On the contrary, I am working on ways to offer more healthy kai. ?

Age is only a number, right? Especially when you watch what you eat.

So, are you ready to go organic and GF?

What used to be Dad’s Bread’ has become Corokai Artisan Bread-Mix and it is now ready for you.